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Bråvalla Festival, 29th of June [Saturday]

Saturday was another work day! I started late (18.00 - 03.00) which meant I had the day to do whatever I wanted. The weather was CRAP for a couple of hours and I decided to skip Parkway Drive and hide instead. The rain was absolutely insane. But I managed to see some reaaaally good bands. Click the read more button and check out the reviews!


A Day To Remember (16.30 - 17.40)

Having listened to A Day To Remember frequently these last six months I decided nothing will stop me from seeing them. NOT EVEN THE MUD COULD STOP ME. I missed the first two songs due to a big ass crowd of people at the festival entrance, bad planning from my part. So I could only hear them playing their new song - Violence (Enough is Enough). Yeah, I was pretty pissed that I missed it. I watched the rest of the show and it was amazing. I got to see so many songs I love that I almost cried tears of joy (Mr. Highways Thinking About The End, Fast Forward To 2012, The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle, I can go on and on!). I’ll definitely catch them again if they decide to come to Sweden and do a club gig. It was amaziiiiiiiing. Even the sun was shining at this point! After the gig I went to work at the Red Stage again.

4.5/5 - Would’ve probably given them a 5 if I could’ve seen Violence. It was still a kickass show though.

Syster Sol (20.00 - 21.00)

First gig that I was working at! I kind of knew who she was, didn’t have any expectations at all though. It turned out to be a pretty sweet gig with a pretty laidback atmosphere. It was also the first time I saw a reggae act live and it was pretty damn fun. There were A lot of people in the audience as well. Sweet stuff!

3/5 - Not my type of music at all, hard to rate this one. I enjoyed it, missed parts of the show though due to work and stuff.

I missed big parts of Lindsey Stirling due to work, so no review on that one!

Last artist on our stage was the Swedish bitpop/electronical act Slagsmålsklubben!

Slagsmålsklubben (00.00 - 01.00)

I’ve seen them once before and wasn’t really impressed at all. This gig turned out to be pretty good though. They seemed to be enjoying themselves a lot more and the crowd was pretty big! They have a really special style and they have a pretty fascinating live act. It was pretty sweet!

3.5/5 - Pretty good, sums it up.

Overall the festival was pretty alright. 51590 people showed up for the first edition of the Bråvalla Festival. There are LOADS of things to work on though. It was pretty much chaos the whole festival. A bit un-organized. I don’t think the area was planned for 50000+ visitors. But I enjoyed myself, saw some great bands, met some great people and received a damn sweet t-shirt from Trash Talk. Good stuff.