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Rise Against was formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1999. They released their debut album The Unraveling in 2001 and it was met by mixed reviews. The lineup for the album consisted of Tim McIlrath (Vocals), Mr. Precision (Guitar), Joe Principe (Bass guitar, backing vocals) and Brandon Barnes (Drums, percussion). They’ve released six albums so far, the latest being Endgame. Endgame was released in 2011 and was certified platinum by the CRIA.

My Life Inside Your Heart is the second song on Rise Against’s debut album - The Unraveling. Their early sound is a bit harder than today’s Rise Against sound and is a lot more hardcore sounding. The song is heavy, melodic and you can really hear the bass in this song, which can sometimes be negative, but it works out well in this song. The lyrics are very well-written and have a great meaning, just like most Rise Against songs. I actually prefer old school Rise Against over the new one. I really love their new sound as well but their old sound is more my style. This is one of the best tracks of The Unraveling in my opinion!

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