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Time for some All That Remains again, this song has been played frequently on my Spotify lately, one of the best songs from their latest album!

All That Remains was formed by Phil Labonte in 1998 and was originally a side-project of his. After leaving the melodic death metal band Shadow Fall he decided to focus on All That Remains and they released their first album in 2002. Since then they’ve released five more albums, the latest being A War You Cannot Win. The group consists of Phil Labonte (Vocals), Oli Herbert (Guitar), Mike Martin (Guitar), Jeanne Sagan (Bass) and Jason Costa (Drums). A War You Cannot Win was released in 2012 and was produced by Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz.

The seventh song of the album is Just Moments In Time, which is a hard and heavy song that has one hell of a nice breakdown. Phil Labonte uses both growls and cleans on this one, and the breakdown is really sweet with the fast-hitting drums. A War You Cannot Win has incorporated more heavy metal elements than their earlier albums, and has a nice variety, containing singing styles ranging from growls to loads of clean parts. It’s a damn good song and I’m looking forward to seeing them again at Metaltown in the summer!

YouTube: All That Remains - Just Moments In Time

Website: All That Remains

Facebook: All That Remains

Spotify: All That Remains

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