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Arch Enemy was formed in 1996 in Halmstad, Sweden. The group consists of Angela Gossow (Vocals), Michael Arnott (Guitars), Nick Cordle (Guitars), Sharlee D’Angelo (Bass) and Daniel Erlandsson (Drums). Angela Gossow has been the vocalist since 2000 when Johan Liiva left the band. They released their first album in 1996 and have since then released 8 more albums, the latest being, Khaos Legions, which was released in 2011. Arch Enemy is definitely one of the best female-fronted bands from Sweden. Managed to see them at the Metaltown Festival in 2011 and it was a damn good concert!

Arch Enemy is considered to be a melodic death metal band. The band uses a lot of technical guitar work, which can be heard on the song, City Of The Dead. The vocals are also very nice, you really can’t tell that it’s a woman singing, I myself was fooled and for a while since I thought it was a guy doing the vocals. The vocals are sharp with a lot of aggressiveness in them. The guitar work in this song is pretty outstanding, with a lot of riffs and solo parts. I think it’s pretty cool seeing more and more women in metal, a lot of great female-fronted bands are popping up lately and getting recognized such as - Halestorm and Blood Command for example. They are just as good live as on CD which is always nice. I definitely recommend checking them out! If they’re in your town, go and see them!

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