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The Swedish band Refused was formed in 1991 in Umeå and released five EP’s and three full-length albums during their short career. Their lineup when they recorded the highly praised album The Shape of Punk To Come consisted of; Dennis Lyxzén (Vocals), Kristofer Steen (Guitar), Jon Brännström (Guitar, backing vocals), Magnus Björklund (Bass) and David Sandström (Drums). This is also the lineup that went on tour when they re-united in 2012.

The Album: The Shape of Punk To Come was listed by Kerrang! Magazine at spot #13 on their “50 Most Influential Albums of All Time” and made a huge impact on the hardcore/punk scene. Marked as a very experimental album due to the use of jazz-sounds, prog-punk, techno and even some drum’n’bass sounds it became a huge hit. This album was however, Refused’s last album before disbanding. The album contains hits like New Noise, The Refused Party Program, Tannhäuser and Refused Are Fucking Dead. The Future Shape of Punk To Come is definitely something different from the standard hardcore/punk albums and sounds fresh and cutting-edge. My favorite song on the album is New Noise or The Refused Party Program, both are classic Refused songs which in my opinion defines Refused. It’s fresh, cutting edge and with a strong lyrical message.

It’s a shame Refused split and didn’t release one more album; one can only imagine how that album would’ve sounded. Refused swore on never reuniting again but in 2012 they went on a world tour, playing at many different festivals. However, they explained this was a once in a lifetime thing and will not be playing again. One can only hope they change their minds…

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