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Meshuggah are one of those unique bands that really has created its own sound. The band was formed by vocalist Jens Kidman and guitarist Fredrik Thordendal in Umeå, 1987. Drummer Tomas Haake and guitarist Mårten Hagström joined the band in 90/91 and has been with the band ever since. Meshuggah has had several bassists over the years but bassist Dick Lövgren has been with the band since 2004. The band released their second album, Destroy Erase Improve, in 1995 and it became a success. It was new, fresh and was very experimental. Meshuggah has continued building on that and released the album Koloss in 2012 which is their seventh album. Koloss also won a price at the P3 awards called “Årets Rock/Metal” which is awarded to the best Swedish rock/metal album of the year.

Meshuggah’s sound can be described as very experimental and the band is often labeled as “math-metal” and “progressive-metal”. Meshuggah also incorporates a lot of experimental jazz which makes their sound something very unique.

Demiurge starts off with a bang and the whole song is very much a typical Meshuggah song. Jens Kidman’s vocals are very unique and blend in very well with the instruments. It’s almost like the vocals are an instrument aswell since it really blends with the song and doesn’t stand out in a weird way. They also do a fine job with incorporating their experimental jazz influences. There is no band that can really compare itself to Meshuggah. I haven’t come across a band that sounds like them, sure, there are bands that you can hear are influenced by them. But nothing comes close to the real deal. In my opinion, Meshuggah is one of Swedens biggest metal bands. They’ve influenced so many different bands and pretty much made an own genre. You either like Meshuggah or you don’t.

YouTube: Meshuggah - Demiurge (Official Video)

Website: Meshuggah

Facebook: Meshuggah

Spotify: Meshuggah

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