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It’s not often I’ll do a review on a live-album but this is one of those rare occasions! Nailbomb was a side-project created by Max Cavalera and Alex Newport (Fudge Tunnel). Nailbomb recorded one album (Point Blank) and played one gig before disbanding. Nailbomb combined Max Cavalera’s thrash metal roots with Alex Newport’s punk-ish voice and sludge metal roots. The gig was joined by many different session members such as; D.H Peligro (Dead Kennedys), Igor Cavalera (Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy), Evan Seinfeld (Biohazard), Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly), Scot (Doom) and Dave Edwardson (Neurosis). So, let’s go on to the review! The DVD is on YouTube, and the link can be found down below!

Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide is a really good live album. It’s raw, it’s filled with emotions and it’s pretty much un-edited. This is a REAL live DVD which shows everything that’s happening on stage. Throughout the gig Alex Newport is having loads of problems with both his microphone and guitar and you can clearly see him frustrated at times (Smashes his guitar after the last song is played). This makes the live recording feel real, nothing is edited and everything is just like it was at the gig. The reason why I decided to review the live album instead of the Point Blank album is simple; I prefer the live version of the songs over the studio recorded ones. Every single song is a master piece (Both on the live album and on the Point Blank album), it was something new and it was rough and intense. Seeing Alex Newport next to Max Cavalera you would’ve never though that this guy was a metal/hardcore/call it whatever you want type of guy.

They start off with an intense and absolutely insane song called Wasting Away (The intro of this song is amazing). The gig continues with Guerrillas which is a song that I never really got attached to; it’s good but it’s a bit meh in my opinion. The following song, Cockroaches, however is a masterpiece. It’s fun to see Max Cavalera’s son Richie jam along on the side of the stage and it’s a heavy song featuring Alex Newport’s punk-ish vocals. I really love the guitar work on this track. Later on they play a song called Sum of Your Achievements where Alex Newport abandons his guitar and becomes a full-time singer for just one song.

“Sum of your achievements
You call this something to be proud off?”

Alex Newport’s distorted voice really works well with the song. They also play a cover of a Dead Kennedy’s song called Police Truck which is how they actually started the side-project - by playing covers of Dead Kennedy tracks. The gig ends with a song called Sick Life which is yet another great track, powerful and creative. I would’ve loved to see more of this band but the Nailbomb project was just supposed to be “One time and never again” type of project.

YouTube: Nailbomb @ Dynamo 1995 (Live DVD)

Spotify: Nailbomb

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