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Pendulum was formed in 2002 by Rob Swire (Vocals, synth), Gareth McGrillen (Bass guitar, backing vocals) and Paul Harding (DJ). The band was formed in Perth, Australia and released their first album in 2005 called Hold Your Colour. Pendulum’s style can be described as drum’n’bass and electronic rock. They released their Immersion album in 2010 and had a few guest artists perform on the album. Self vs. Self featured Anders Fridén, Björn Gelotte and Peter Iwers from Swedish melodic death metal band, In Flames.

A collaboration between two big bands is something unique, especially considering Pendulum is an electronic band and In Flames is a metal band. Self vs. Self really combines Pendulum’s style with In Flames’s style in a good way. Anders Fridén’s vocals blend in very well with Rob Swire’s and everything is well-thought out. I’d call it electronic metal, the riffs of a metal band, the synths of an electronic band, the growls of a metal band combined with the clean vocals of an electronic band. The drum’n’bass influenced drums are clearly heard in the song as well. A very unique collaboration to say the least, I’d love to see more metal and drum’n’bass collaborations. I think both styles fit well together. This song actually introduced me to In Flames. Epic song is epic. It’s a shame that Pendulum is on a hiatus. Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen are currently working on their side-project called Knife Party.

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