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No Omega was formed in 2010 and is a four-piece band residing in Stockholm, Sweden. Their debut EP came out in 2010 and contained five tracks, which they followed up by releasing their album Metropolis the following year. They’ve played over 100 shows so far and have toured Europe six times. They’re currently working on their second album, which will be released later this year!

Metropolis is a dark, heavy and hard-hitting song. The vibe of the song is almost on the edge of being depressive and the lyrics reflect that. Aggressive shouts and screams fill the song together with a chaotic atmosphere. Within this chaos lies the charm of the song, it’s aggressive and filled with anger and chaos. If you like this you should definitely check out their album! They’ve also released a new single which you can check here -> No Omega - Shame

"Blue skies
Fade into dark skies
Swallowing all light
A life time of lies

Tonight we drink to
The death of everything we perceive
Everything we could never love
Because we could never truly see”

YouTube: No Omega - Metropolis

Facebook: No Omega

Bandcamp: No Omega

Spotify: No Omega

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