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Raised Fist is a Swedish hardcore punk group formed in Luleå, Sweden in 1991. The name Raised Fist was taken from a Rage Against The Machine song called Known Your Enemy where a part of the lyric is - "Born with an insight and a raised fist..". The band consists of Alexander Hagman on vocals, Jimmy Tikkanen and Daniel Holmgren on guitars, Matte Modin on drums and Andreas Johansson on bass. They released their first album Fuel in 1998 and have released four more albums since then, the latest being Veil of Ignorance.

Have you heard this song somewhere, but can’t remember where? Well, then you might’ve heard/seen the video on The Pirate Bay - that’s right. Friends and Traitors was the banner on The Pirate Bay for a couple of days, excellent PR move. The song is a powerful, energetic song that contains Alexander Hagman’s angry vocals. My interpretation of the lyrics is that this is aimed at the music industry, how labels keep pushing bands to make albums when the bands are not ready or dont want to.

From Hertz Island we expanded,
Never delivered or landed,
More than the label demanded.
Competition telling us to follow those guidelines, and to stay right handed, but music comes from the heart, lyrics from my head to my hand, and I ‘m left handed.”

According to an interview with Alexander Hagman they basically told their label to fuck off after releasing this album. Raised Fist has become one of my favorite Swedish bands lately and I really love their style. An epic song with a strong message. Veil of Ignorance will definitely be reviewed in the future!

YouTube: Raised Fist - Friends & Traitors (Official Video)

Website: Raised Fist

Facebook: Raised Fist

Spotify: Raised Fist

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