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Time for part two of The Living Infinite! If you haven’t read the first part you can find it here -> Soilwork - The Living Infinite (Part 1 - Album Review).

  1. Entering Aeons: Pretty much the intro to the second part of the album. Pretty cool instrumental piece that fades in to the second track - Long Live The Misanthrope.
  2. Long Live The Misanthrope: The song picks up where Entering Aeons left off and continues with the synth sound, later joined by a great guitar riff and Björn “Speed” Strid’s scream. The song switches between being heavy as hell and having quite epic melodic parts with clean vocals. One of my favorite songs of part two.
  3. Drowning With Silence: A tiny bit slower than the earlier song and is a lot more melodical and a bit softer. Half-way through the song a sweet melodical and instrumental part kicks in which is a nice little “break”.
  4. Antidotes in Passing: One of the slower songs of the album, down-tempo with a nice acoustical guitar.You can call this a “metal-ballad” and compare it to, for example, Come Clarity by In Flames. The song has a nice vibe to it and Björn “Speed” Strid really shines here together with the epic atmosphere created by the surrounding instruments. Epic song, different and really something “new”. Me likey.
  5. Leech: Back to the heavy and fast-hitting stuff! The song really kicks off fast and it continues like that throughout the song. The song is in 260bpm so it is definitely the fastest song off the album. Truly great guitar work with nice riffs and melody!
  6. The Living Infinite II: I absolutely love the calm and atmospheric intro. It really sets the tone for the song. The calmness is however substituted for heaviness after about a minute. The song still keeps a slow pace though, but still offers the heaviness of their earlier, faster tracks.
  7. Loyal Shadow:  This song is the second instrumental piece in part two of the album and starts off with a heartbeat. Not much to say about this one other than I think it’s a great instrumental piece, it fits well with the album. The synths in the background are a sweet touch to the song. The song ends just as it began, with a heartbeat and kind of melts in to the next song - Rise Above The Sentiment.
  8. Rise Above The Sentiment: For this song Soilwork actually released a music video, which you can see over at YouTube -> Rise Above The Sentiment. This song contains a great chorus that is catchy and just sounds flat out great. Nice melody and really nice guitar work. Great song.
  9. Parasite Blues: Another great intro that I really, really like. Great drum work and the guitar part that silently tags a long during the song is truly something epic. The song is powerful, melodic and sharp with great and precise guitar riffs and drum beats.
  10. Owls Predict, Oracles Stand Guard: The last track of this double-album! This song is pretty slow and down-tempo and isn’t really packed with many vocal parts. It’s a good finish to the album, featuring Björn “Speed” Strid’s mix of harsh, aggressive vocals and calm and soothing vocals. It’s definitely a worthy finisher for a great album.

All in all, The Living Infinite is a GREAT album with many great tracks. There’s not a single track that I didn’t like. Fair enough, some tracks were not as good as other, but all together it was truly great. I usually don’t like double albums since it’s so much to take in and you barely know where to start. But I decided to split the album into two parts and listen to them as two separate albums, which turned out to be a good idea.

It’s a very melodic album that contains both hard-hitting and fast-paced tracks but also calm and down-tempo tracks. There’s probably something in here for everyone. I definitely recommend listening to The Living Infinite!

Top 3 tracks from part two -

  1. Long Live The Misanthrope
  2. Antidotes in Passing
  3. Rise Above The Sentiment

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