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Protest The Hero was formed in 2001 and is a progressive metal band from Ontario, Canada. The lineup has been the same since their formation consisting of Rody Walker (Vocals), Luke Hoskin (Lead guitar, piano, backing vocals), Tim Millar (Rhythm guitar, piano, backing vocals), Arif Mirabdolbaghi (Bass, backing vocals) and Moe Carlson (Drums).They’ve released three albums and are working on their fourth album which is planned to be released later this summer. Divinity Within is a track from their first album - Kezia.

The Song: With the epic opening riff this song really starts off great. The guitar work on this song is stunning. It’s technical, unpredictable and flat out epic. Rody Walker’s vocals fit very nicely with the song and shifts between a slower, talking part and high-pitched screams. The album is split up in to three “acts” and Divinity Within ends Act #1 with a piano part. 

I’ve never listened to the whole album, but I’ll be doing a review about it in the future. Overall - a great technical and experimental song. Hard-hitting and fast-paced.

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