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The Hellacopters were formed in 1994 by Nicke Andersson (Vocals, guitar), Dregen (Guitar), Kenny Håkansson (Bass) and Robert Eriksson (Drums). They ceased to exist in 2008 when the band members decided to focus on different projects. The band released 8 albums during their 14 year existence and was an influential band in Sweden. They released their fifth album in 2002 called By The Grace of God, the album also contained an album-titled song and that is what I’ll be reviewing today!

The Song: By The Grace of God is regarded by many to be the best album made by The Hellacopters. The album displays their style very well and was well-produced. The title song is a fast-paced energetic song. With catchy lyrics and a catchy rhythm this song sets the standard for the album. The song also displays their great guitar skills with many small-riffs incorporated in to the song. The Hellacopters were one of the biggest rock-bands in Sweden during the 90’s and that’s also how their career ended, they were rewarded with the Bandit Special Award in 2009.

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