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We Came As Romans were formed in 2005 in Troy, Michigan. They released their first album, To Plant A Seed, in 2009 which was met mixed reviews. The band consists of Kyle Pavone (Clean vocals, keyboard), David Stephens (Unclean vocals), Joshua Moore (Lead Guitar), Brian “Lou” Cotton (Rhythm Guitar), Andrew Glass (Bass) and Eric Choi (Drums). They’ve been touring across the world and released their latest album, Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be, in 2011. They’re currently working on a new album that is planned to be released during this year.

The Song: With two singers WCAR offers a great versatility to the whole album and to the song. Kyle Pavone is singing the cleans while David Stephens takes care of growls. What starts out as a heavy song with deep growls gets swapped out for melodical, synth parts with clean singing. The synth parts are meant to replicate an orchestra sound, hence their description as a symphonic metal band. The breakdowns are great, as described earlier. 

“Our lives were over at so many moments, so many moments.
And now they’re all just beginning, and now they’re all just beginning.
Our lives were over at so many moments.”

YouTube: We Came As Romans - To Plant A Seed
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