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This is a blog that focuses on metal, rock & hardcore/punk music. I'll be writing reviews on songs that I like, albums I love and concerts that I enjoyed! You'll find both new and old music here.

Anonymous asked: So you were looking forward to seeing Blood Command at Getaway. Did you see them and how was it?

Unfortunately I had to cancel my visit to Getaway :/ BC was one of the bands I was looking forward to the most, been listening to them frequently since I found them. Really bummed I couldn’t go. Definitely going to catch them when they come to Sweden again!

Photo: Bråvalla Festival

Photo: Bråvalla Festival

Threat Signal - Rational Eyes

This song is taken from the Under Reprisal album, pretty damn amazing tune if you ask me!

One of their most underrated tracks, In Flames <3

(Source: Spotify)

One of the bands I listen to alot these days - Trash Talk. Intense, energetic and pretty damn awesome hardcore from Sacramento, California.

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Bråvalla Festival, 29th of June [Saturday]

Saturday was another work day! I started late (18.00 - 03.00) which meant I had the day to do whatever I wanted. The weather was CRAP for a couple of hours and I decided to skip Parkway Drive and hide instead. The rain was absolutely insane. But I managed to see some reaaaally good bands. Click the read more button and check out the reviews!

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Bråvalla Festival, 28th of June [Friday]

Friday marked my first working day at the festival as a stagehand. I was really bummed that I was going to miss Trash Talk. I was scheduled to work from 10-17 and Trash Talk was playing at 13.00 (or was it 14.00?) on the Red Stage. Oh well, what can you do? I went to the pre-work meeting and found out that I was working on the Red Stage, needless to say - I was sooooooooo happy. I GOT TO SEE TRASH TALK. Anyways, let’s do some reviews!

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Bråvalla Festival, 27th of June [Thursday]

It’s been awhile since I wrote something decent on this blog! Anyways… just got home from Swedens biggest music festival - Bråvalla. It was the first time it was arranged and I had a really good time, there were some major flaws in the organization, but overall a pretty nice festival!

Anyways, saw some great bands during the festival and also worked as a stagehand on the Red Stage, which was a nice experience. The Red Stage contained bands such as Slagsmålsklubben, Trash Talk, Royal Republic, Skitarg, Danko Jones, Frank Turner, Neurosis and Kvelertak. Since I’ve seen so many great bands these last couple of days I’d thought I’d do a little review on what I’ve seen. Here we go!

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